Julia and DundasMaking nutrient-dense food choices is an essential first step to good health. The body’s ability to assimilate and absorb nutrients through the gut is a crucial next step. Each individual’s biochemical uniqueness and lifestyle is important to help guide a safe return to an efficient digestive state using conscious, powerful (and delicious) food choices, and tapping into the body’s intuitive needs.

As a nutrition coach specializing in mid-life women’s nutrition, I appreciate the struggle many of us experience when trying to balance family, career, and ever-changing hormones with overall health. I am particularly attuned to women who are approaching or going through menopause. I also bring my expertise to the area of health in the workplace. I recognize that busy executives can work smarter by tuning into their bodies and emotions, taking time for self-care, and eating better. I know first-hand how stress and long days at the office can take its toll on our physical, emotional, and mental health.

Through one-on-one consults, custom-designed presentations and workshops, I will educate, coach, and provide tools and tips to help you achieve optimal health through simple lifestyle changes and nutrition.

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