black and whiteI understand the stress that often comes with trying to balance a busy life. Personal and professional commitments compete for attention. How does one do it all without compromising health?

My professional story speaks to a lengthy and successful ongoing career in university administrative management, with a wee bit of a break not long ago to pursue my sideline dream of becoming a nutritionist. 

Fast forward to today.  My journey continues as I have since taken on a major writing project (I am ghost-writing a book!), and re-entered the post-secondary project world, feeling empowered, healthy, balanced and ready to tackle new challenges in these three arenas: applying my writing talents, and significant administrative leadership background without losing sight of how wellness -both my own and that of fellow colleagues and employees- plays a major role in any work/life circumstance.

And I want to help you to achieve your life balance.

I bring extensive experience and success incorporating change and motivating people to be their best both at home, in the workplace and beyond. While I am an animated and inspiring speaker in front of a crowd, I am equally encouraging and empathetic in one-on-one settings.

I am absolutely committed to introducing you to the merits of a balanced lifestyle. Let’s take the journey to optimal health together!