black and whiteI understand the stress that comes with trying to balance a busy life. Personal and professional commitments compete for attention. How does one do it all without compromising health?

My professional story speaks to a lengthy and successful career in university administrative management, with a wee break (heavy on courage!) not long ago to pursue a dream of becoming a nutritionist. I reached for the moon, and I landed solidly on both feet.

Fast forward to today.  My personal journey continues, bringing a love for writing into my work world, keeping a toe in post-secondary projects, and coaching mid-life women on how to connect to and nourish their bodies. I am finding a way to use all my gifts – feeling called to combine my writing talents, my significant administrative leadership background, and my passion for holistic wellness. There is room for all. I have the privilege to do what I do best, and I walk my talk.

I want to help you find your balance and your way.

I am deeply committed to introducing you to the wisdom of your body and how to make conscious, loving choices to become healthy. Let’s create your own personal nourishment plan, and start this journey to optimal health together!